Below are of links to method books, musical repertoire, etude books, websites, and accessories that we recommend and will frequently be used in lessons. Repertoire is assigned individually and is often selected from the following list. This is not a complete list of all the repertoire that we teach, but gives an idea of standard materials that will be used. 

Resources for Violin

Resources for Viola

Recommended Accessories


Shoulder Rests


Music Stands

Metronomes & Tuners


*Seth & Sarah's personal favorites

Recommended Websites

  • Shar Music- online shopping for music, instruments, accessories, etc. 

  • Southwest Strings- online shopping for music, instruments, accessories, etc. 

  • IMSLP- Free sheet music library of everything that is public domain.

  • Music Free music theory practice page.

Downloadable Apps

  • Pro Metronome (Free Metronome)

  • Tuner Lite (Free Tuner)

  • Tuner T1 (Free Tuner)

  • Theory Lessons (Music Theory Lessons, $2.99)

  • Tenuto (Music Theory Exercises, $3.99)